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Larisa Titus

Founder of Impulse Fitness EMS training

Certified EMS Instructor

Larisa is one of the nation’s leading experts in EMS training, her early beginnings started 8 years ago when she came a student of the disciplines of yoga, strength training, and holistic nutrition. Larisa then set out to create the most efficient, effective and result oriented personal training program possible. It was during this time, through her studies, she decided that EMS was the way to go.


Larisa’s personal training success comes from combining her mind + body connection and superior motivational skills with the most advance fitness technology (EMS) giving her clients an incredible personal training experience that delivers results.


Larisa launched IMPULSE FITNESS in the spring of 2020 with great success; and continues her EMS education by collaborating with WIEMSPRO, global leaders in EMS technology.


Larisa is grateful everyday that she can apply her true passion to her clients training and make a difference in their lives.


Tatiana Gregory

Certified Instructor

Is an ACSM certified personal trainer / 5 years of experience.

She has developed programs for individuals ranging in age from 18 to 75 years old to achieve goals relating to fat loss, muscle gain, building strength and increasing mobility.


Her specialties include hypertrophy, heart rate-sensor cardiovascular training, and functional mobility. The not-so-secret sauce to staying fit and healthy is all about building and maintaining consistent healthy habits with your nutrition, exercise, non-exercise activity, and sleep.


She loves the privilege of seeing her clients work hard for their progress. Her clients are her inspiration in her own workouts where her favorite exercises are pull-ups, deadlifts and hip thrusts.  

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